Some More Gender Tweets Saved For Posterity

Posted on December 15, 2022

Everything that gets published on Twitter is safe … as long as its present owner remains mentally stable. As a service to future generations I am salvaging some snippets. Readers are invited to draw their own conclusions about gender ideology and about the way it gets defended by transgender activists. But here is a prediction:

One day, books will be written about the onslaught on reality that swept the world in the early 21st century: a wild dogma that separated mind from body and advocated sex changes for children. A regressive, Stasi-like movement that imposed neologisms and encouraged informers. – Bev Jackson

All tweets are from the last few days.

TheFamousArtistBirdyRose @TheFamousArtBR

Something I never thought I’d grow up & have to say to other grown ups on repeat for the rest of my life: Some women can’t get pregnant or give birth, those women are still women. No man (no matter how he identifies) can ever get pregnant or give birth BECAUSE men are not women.

Victoria Smith @glosswitch

“Women are more vain and less rational than men” is a gender stereotype. “Men are more violent than women” is a fact, a description, not a prescription. Deliberately confusing the two tells women they can’t describe real threats without submitting to stereotypes.

Victoria Smith @glosswitch

Increasingly seeing women’s descriptions of male behaviour dismissed as “misogynistic” as though this is compelling women to be “all sweetness and light”. It’s a really insidious way of scaring women out of identifying realities they want to change.

roy grimm @phamnuwen2

if there was an experimental new surgery to treat epilepsy, and a certain number of patients afterward said ‘it didn’t work, i was misdiagnosed, it harmed me.’ would listening to them be considered anti-epileptic? would asking questions mean you want epileptics to die?

Bev Jackson @BevJacksonAuth

Please pay attention @potus @DrBiden @VP

You’re surrounded by people who think letting girls have their breasts amputated is “progressive”. It’s “gender affirming healthcare”. Thousands of progressives & detransitioners are telling you you’re wrong but you don’t hear our voices.

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Prisha @detransaqua

I don’t want to lose my nipples completely. I feel so heartbroken and afraid. I’m very attached to what I have left - and even that isn’t much. I don’t know what to do. I wish I could go back and run away from the operating table and keep my healthy breasts…

Bev Jackson @BevJacksonAuth

The words “gay” and “lesbian” are about same-sex sexual orientation. For decades we successfully fought for our rights. Now they’re being reversed in the name of “inclusion”.

Gays and lesbians are not “inclusive” in our sexual orientation. Mandating “inclusion” is homophobia.

Watson @ImWatson91

Fuck you all who supported this “gender” bullshit you dirty freakshow bastards. You hate women and girls you pervy pricks, shame on you all.

Watson @ImWatson91

I can’t believe they cut my tits off when I was 26 and severely mentally ill with a history of psychiatric hospital stays lmao.

It’s amazing, the inhumanity that “gender identity” allows to happen.

We’re butchering our vulnerable girls.

Arté @varindeus

I’m just a woman, on Twitter, asking people to stop trying to convince the rest of us that the penis is a female organ….stop it.

Vikki Lax @VikkiLax1

I’m a Nazi. For wanting single sex spaces.

Watson @ImWatson91

Fuck “trans rights”

You have every right in this country - what you want is the privilege to step over women.

Women say NO

Fuck off!

Sall Grover @salltweets

There is no valid reason why a male person should be welcomed into an exclusively lesbian event.

Watson @ImWatson91

I fucking hate trans ideology.

Not trans people - my trans mates are fucking awesome.

But the ideology that tells children they were “born wrong,” that tell lesbians and gays they’re “bigoted” for being same-sex attracted, for demanding men in women’s safe spaces.

It’s sick.

Sam Morgan @CrunchAlias

Take a step back to fully understand the fact that a belief more ridiculous than Flat Earth, more insidious than Q-Anon, more coercive than Scientology, has not only been accepted by governments, police and institutions around the world, but is actively being enforced by them.

Watson @ImWatson91

Yes, I see the TRAs commenting and quote tweeting horrible shit at me. They do it everyday - don’t waste your time on them. Don’t engage on my behalf. Ignore them, those dickheads thrive off attention so just leave them be and stop DMing me asking if I’ve seen. I have.

Sall Grover @salltweets

I do not believe in gender ideology, in the same way I do not believe in religion, astrology or Bigfoot.

Gender & Self ID laws put people who don’t believe in a gender identity in a position of being forced to believe an ideology we reject.

Bev Jackson @BevJacksonAuth

Replying to @salltweets

I can see why many gender identity believers assume its existence is backed up by scientific evidence, given the collusion of the medical establishment. It’s completely false of course. Identity is about subjective feelings and beliefs.

Ron Dickson @RonDick11461315

Replying to @BevJacksonAuth and @salltweets

Deep down, they all know it’s crap. Hence, the glazed cult like smiles when they offer pseudo science ‘explanations’. What the medical collusion reveals is that even scientifically educated people are still susceptible to cult brainwashing.

Kate Thurland @KateThurland

Replying to @salltweets

I am a Scorpio and I demand everyone puts their star sign in their bio. It makes me feel safe.

Gordon Rae @socialtechno

Replying to @salltweets

Self ID means granting women’s rights to any man who asks for them. It’s that simple.

Watson @ImWatson91

I lose my shit over trans ideology regularly on here, but you know what? My DMs are full of lovely, compassionate trans people. Do not mistake the cult for these individuals - they are hurt by this ideology just as much as the rest of us.

Sall Grover @salltweets

I think the reason politicians won’t meet with women who oppose self ID laws is because they know we’re right.

Inaya Folarin Iman @InayaFolarin

There is a fundamental crisis of good faith and generosity. If we are to live in a diverse society, misunderstandings, slights and faux pas are inevitable. How we respond to them will be the difference between a tolerant and cohesive society or a paranoid and fractured one.

Ben Appel @benappel

I’ve been studying gender identity ideology for a few years now. Following the science, reading the studies, hearing the stories. I’m always questioning myself. But no matter which way I parse it, I always conclude that it’s a harmful and regressive pseudoscience.

Ben Appel @benappel

Replying to @benappel

It’s destroying lives. It’s in schools, institutions, everywhere. It’s demolishing all of the progress we’ve made for gay rights and women’s rights. Old tropes about homosexuality and pedophilia are back. Gays are being shamed by their own community for their same-sex attraction.

Ben Appel @benappel

Homosexuality is once again being medicalized.

Ben Appel @benappel

I know this is a rant. But I think it’s important to speak up and be loud about it. It sucks sometimes, being a heretic, but I believe there is no greater freedom than the freedom to think for yourself and say out loud what you actually think. Especially when harm is being done.

Ben Appel @benappel

This movement is not progressive. It’s dropkicking our society — a society we’ve painstakingly built through trial and error — into the dark ages.

Leor Sapir @LeorSapir

Gender dysphoric kids exist. A very small number, research shows, will grow up to be trans, and we have no reliable way of knowing which ones. That’s what it means to say “there are no trans kids.” To say there are is to assume something (clairvoyance) about adults, not kids.

Marie Magdalen @femalemagic

It is not hateful to state that a man cannot be a woman. Not even if that makes the man sad. It is not my job to protect men from this simple reality just because they don’t like it. I don’t need to redefine my own sex class, because he wants in on it.

Zach Elliott @zaelefty

Correctly referring to a person’s sex as male or female is not a moral judgment.

It’s just a true statement.

Those who assign moral significance to the reality of male and female are doing a disservice to the practice of science.

Zach Elliott @zaelefty

Replying to @zaelefty

Male and female are ultimately neutral, scientific terms in biology.

And these terms refer to profound realities that all anisogamous species experience and live every day.

Eva Kurilova @eva_kurilova

Ignore and move on, ladies, while fetishists colonize your spaces, demand lesbians fuck them, destroy your sports, harass and rape the most vulnerable women in jail, groom your children into believing their healthy bodies need surgical modification. Ignore and move on.

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Centrist Lean @CentristLean

Replying to @full_birth and @eva_kurilova

Again, I don’t like it but I don’t have to not to step all over their rights. I just ignore and move on. Nothing really that hard about. I also don’t frequent their online forums looking for pictures of them either. But you are free to look at mock that is ok. That is your right.

Eva Kurilova @eva_kurilova

I am so beyond tired of self-styled fair and balanced enlightened “both-siding” dudes who have so little to personally lose displaying an utter lack of basic imagination and human decency going around telling us to “live and let live.”

Eva Kurilova @eva_kurilova

I don’t care. I just don’t care to patiently explain anything anymore. If you even have to ask women why we have a problem with fetishistic men claiming to be us, then you’ve failed. The answer won’t mean anything to you or you would have been able to see it already.

Frances Weetman @francesweetman

If you imply victims of misogynist violence include “self-identified” women, you imply all women have to do to escape their oppression is to identify as men. You are stating they are complicit in their own oppression and that it is a choice.

Sarah Summers @SarahSurviving

Should women’s rape crisis therapy exist to support female people in a space they feel safe or to support male people in a space they feel validated as women?

Christina Buttons @buttonslives

Daily reminder that no scientific evidence supports a biological basis of “gender identity.” It was invented in the most intellectually bankrupt sectors of the social sciences. It is a pseudoscience that does not exist outside of imagination and should emphatically be rejected.

Zach Elliott @zaelefty

A concept like gender identity, one’s internal sense of being male or female, is no different conceptually than one’s internal sense of being human or being a certain age.

Your sex, species, and age are all unchangeable and exist independently of your subjective feelings.

Vera Lindner @LindnerVera

Daily reminder that no scientific evidence supports a biological basis of “geпdeг ideпtity.” It exists in one’s ruminating mind. It was invented by sick men, JMoney & Kinsey. Pharma & TechMed monetized the suffering of ill youth. TGism is a pseudoscience, a solipsistic belief.

Daniel de la Fé @dandelafe

“Queer” isn’t an identity nor is it a sexuality. It’s a homophobic slur.

Mr Ben- No To Self ID @crit_gen

To all the people raging that there is now a female only rape crisis service in Edinburgh I suggest you reframe your trauma.

Kevin Ovenden @kevin_ovenden

The more discussion on sex/gender, the more we see arguments such as women-only wards in hospitals are akin to racism, and sport should not be organised on the basis of “group characteristics”. Thus the more clear is the effort to deny that women’s oppression exists.

Buck Angel Transsexual @BuckAngel

It is transphobic to deny biology.

Christina Buttons @buttonslives

It’s called “gender ideology” because it is a set of beliefs—not facts—rooted in regressive sex-based stereotypes that its proponents recite despite the absence of supporting science. It is unreasonable to expect all of society to adopt pseudoscientific beliefs without pushback.

Arté @varindeus

We say “women’s rights”, they say “anti-trans”. That tells you all you need to know.

Scott Wortley @Scott_Wortley

Why are so many men angry about single sex services for survivors of sexual assault?

Maud Maron @MaudMaron

Objecting to pronoun rituals is not mocking gay people or trans people. It is rejecting a regressive ideology that is being force fed across the culture, harming many—most devastatingly kids who can’t escape these rituals & accompanying ideology in classrooms.

Lola @thefempire50

Is it just me or are all the responses to the new single sex rape centre JK Rowling has set up proving exactly why a single sex service is needed?

Parent Scotland @ParentsAcross

Jk is urged by Rape Crisis Scotland to make #BeirasPlace mixed sex.

Have they not listened? Even the fact of them urging this is shameful because it means that they’re ignoring the women who’ve spoken about self exclusion from their services.

Milli Hill @millihill

As predicted JK Rowling’s all woman sexual violence survivors service is deemed ‘transphobic’. And at the same time the claim that there is no clash of rights between women and trans women is maintained. Have you joined the dots yet?

Bev Jackson @BevJacksonAuth

The word “inclusive” is not as “kind” as it sounds:
* It means women must include males who identify as women;
* It means lesbians must include males who identify as lesbians;
* It means gay men must include females who identify as gay men.


Bev Jackson @BevJacksonAuth

One day, books will be written about the onslaught on reality that swept the world in the early 21st century: a wild dogma that separated mind from body and advocated sex changes for children. A regressive, Stasi-like movement that imposed neologisms and encouraged informers.

Hadley Freeman @HadleyFreeman

JK Rowling opens a women’s shelter. WHAT a bitch

Nicky Clark @MrsNickyClark

TRAs:Ban JK Rowling,burn her books, exclude her from media, shun her films. She must be removed from public discourse & thought,for her HATE.

JKR:It’s not true but I’ll just focus on a safe space for women then..


Victoria Smith @glosswitch

I honestly think you could write a study of How Patriarchy Works solely based on the treatment of JKR in the past two years. Topics including: Mummy used to make you feel safe and now she’s a bitch for forcing you to grow up and face reality; >

Victoria Smith @glosswitch

Replying to @glosswitch

Women are not entitled to a legacy; Female pain is just something women invented to hurt male people; Women cannot be trusted to have economic independence; Women are at their most evil when they don’t sound remotely evil; Men own whatever women make etc.

Victoria Smith @glosswitch

I hate feeling that there are so many men who have clearly just been waiting to have a “legitimate” reason to unleash all this fury. The idea that they’re indulging such classic misogyny because they care about gender non-conformity is utterly laughable.

Victoria Smith @glosswitch

<files latest entry for the “female pain is just something women invented to hurt male people” chapter>

Victoria Smith @glosswitch

A publicity stunt might be, I don’t know, enforcing remembrance rituals for people who haven’t actually died. Providing resources when women are being killed at a rate of 2-3 a week, and rape is practically decriminalized, is not a “publicity stunt”

TheFamousArtistBirdyRose @TheFamousArtBR

Has anyone else noticed that gender identity ideology is becoming less & less coherent as time goes on?

King Russ @kingruss_uk

Replying to @TheFamousArtBR

No don’t be silly they are making perfect sense. Just been chatting with this person who has corrected me by saying that sex is the only thing that can change. I thought you can’t change sex. How wrong I was:

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Evan Ludes @FramedByNature Replying to @kingruss_uk and @nora_flora10

Sex is the ONLY thing that can change. You cannot change your gender, because that’s determined by the chemical makeup of your brain. And since “brainwashing” doesn’t work, a simple surgery to make your “parts” match is the next best thing.

ElleK @owl_or_elephant

Replying to @TheFamousArtBR

I think it’s a sign that it’s crumbling. Many people tend to get more and more desperate and unhinged when they feel something (power, in this case) slipping away. I hope that’s the reason anyway.

BrianTheHack @BrianTheHack

Replying to @TheFamousArtBR

It was never coherent but more people went along with the “no debate” thing. Not any more, and the incoherence is now apparent to the casual observer. I think.

Coiseag @UileamMcOistin

Replying to @TheFamousArtBR

It lost any semblance of coherence once it became a socio-political credo, in which context it seems entirely dependant on inane slogans, naive assertions, ill-defined concepts and contradictory canon, advanced via censorship and denunciation rather than rational argument.

Elizabeth Wood @Elizabe38294242

Replying to @TheFamousArtBR

It’s gone from mildly eccentric to completely bonkers. In between rolling my eyes and gnashing my teeth I confess to bouts of hysterical laughter.

Brandon Harris @XXMetalDisaster

Replying to @TheFamousArtBR

Gender, gender role and gender identity are 3 different words with 3 different definitions. Gender itself is synonymous with sex. Gender Roles are socially constructed. Gender Identity refers to their feelings. They are conflating the 3. That’s why it’s incoherent.

Mollie @MollieBoss

Replying to @TheFamousArtBR

I’ve noticed we are no longer told to educate ourselves.

When anyone tries to understand gender ideology they realise it’s like talking to a 3 year old in a tantrum.

Cynthia Williams @ModernGibeonite

Replying to @TheFamousArtBR

Yes, because the driver is men with narcissistic personality disorder subset autogynephilia. Literally they can’t control their sexual compulsion or rage so they’re driven to push the boundaries ever more, even when it’s bad political strategy. They can’t stop so will flame out.

Artsongfan @artsongfan

Replying to @TheFamousArtBR

The less coherent the more queer. It’s a feature.

Difficult Debates @DifficulDebates

Replying to @TheFamousArtBR

That’s because it’s coming under more scrutiny.

Because the whole ideology is based on nonsensical and contradictory propositions, the more it’s proved, the more this becomes apparent.

Difficult Debates @DifficulDebates

Also, trans ideologues will say anything to try and win an argument, not realising the implications it has for their other claims.

Cogito Ergo Sum @CogitoInGa

Replying to @TheFamousArtBR

You underestimate the power of the trans movement.

They have all the levers of societal power behind them. Incoherence means nothing. It will be forced on us if we don’t peacefully but effectively push back.

They are jailing people in Europe for simply disagreeing with it.

Delilahinboots @Delilahinboots

Replying to @TheFamousArtBR

The problem was always twaw. It’s such nonsense, and the second anyone questions it, the entire thing collapses. So they come up with ever more nonsensical ideas to try & cover it up.

REDACTED @sohereicome

Replying to @TheFamousArtBR

There are more than two sexes, sex is a spectrum, there is no such thing as sex - which one is it? Who the hell knows, certainly not genderists. Just one example of different strains of this ideology clearly contradicting one another and those are just supposed basics.

SilverWolf @SilverSheWolf17

Replying to @TheFamousArtBR

Yes. It never made sense.

Now it’s utter lunacy.

Look at the shocking reaction to JKR’s women-only rape crisis centre.

I saw a Pride Flag the other day- no mention of lesbian gay or Bi !! (Huh, maybe that’s good thing).

Bev Jackson @BevJacksonAuth

Why does anyone think pre-school kids need a book called “Are you a boy or a girl?”

Hello, fence-sitters, do you understand what’s happening yet?

This has nothing to do with being “kind” and everything to do with indoctrination.

James Esses @JamesEsses

Almost every event I come across that is either for women or to celebrate women contains an asterisk stating that it includes “anyone who identifies as a woman”.

We are diminishing what it means to be a woman and this has harmful, real-world implications.

Hanneke Kouwenberg @HKouwenberg78

“The belief that gender at birth based on genitals is not a neutral, objective statement.”
Er, yes it is objective. And neutral. It is mere recording of the facts. No doctor compels their patients to gender conformity by recording their sex.

Jan van Eijck @vaneijckorg

I admire @jk_rowling for her restraint in dealing with the deluded gender activists.

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J.K. Rowling @jk_rowling

I’ve been funding rape crisis centres for over 20 years. I founded a female-only rape crisis centre in my home city because there’s no longer such a service here and women were crying out for one. A trans woman heads the only other rape centre in town. TW are already well-served.…

Buck Angel® Transsexual @BuckAngel

Replying to @jk_rowling and @AlexisNaomiii

It’s unbelievable that you even have to say this. There is a difference between a biological woman and a trans women. Separate spaces is not transphobic its actually pro trans so that they can also be in a safe space for themselves.

Celia Mindelsohn @ChelseaCes

Look what the set up of a new, female only, centre for victims of sexual violence has coaxed out from under their rocks

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Fenix @Fenix17267518

don’t worry, my little sexual assault victims. we just need you to drop your pants/skirt and show us your pussy. please show us your pussy before we can help you. please show us your pussy. there is no way this could ever be abused or have safeguarding failures…

Mitochondria is the Powerhouse @d_wprince

A shelter that bars potential male rapists from accessing a refuge for the victims of male rapists seems like good thing for society to have.

So it truly is mystifying that TRAs want to eliminate such shelters. From a PR standpoint, it’s literally insane.

Matthew Alexander Patton @alexnostromo

Replying to @davecorviddave

“Don’t interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.”

We would rather they didn’t harass anyone, but let’s be honest; if they want to do that to a female-only rape shelter there will be blowback and consequences.

Eva Kurilova @eva_kurilova

Anyone who says that sex is a social construct has no fucking clue what sex or a social construct is.

Eva Kurilova @eva_kurilova

“no women-only rape shelters!”

“no LGB without the T!”

“no feminism without men who say they are women!”

It’s abuse. It’s all abuse. It’s “you’re nothing without me.” It’s manipulation and coercion.

No. Leave us alone.

Susan Dalgety @DalgetySusan

So they’ve won. Robyn Woof, a self identified trans woman and Trans Liberation Officer has stopped women from watching Adult Human Female. Scotland 2022. Thanks @NicolaSturgeon

Victoria Smith @glosswitch

Don’t worry, feminists. I’m sure the people who say they don’t like hate being captured on film will lose their minds when they find out about Pornhub.