Reading Up On Russia

Posted on April 26, 2020
Photograph by Spencer Platt

Photograph by Spencer Platt

To get a proper perspective on the present political state of the world, it is important to get informed about the political situation in Russia. Hugely important. Without it it is impossible to understand what is going on in Europe and the United States today.

Below are some of the books that have shaped my perspective. We have a lot of time for reading now, so maybe the list inspires you.

You will notice that in the book listings below I have avoided linking to Amazon. I would like to discourage all of you to shop with Amazon. Please order your books from a local bookseller instead. The way Amazon owner Jeff Bezos conducts his business and maltreats his employees is a disgrace. Companies like Amazon should be turned into public services like the mail service and their employees should be made public servants with living wages, decent working conditions, and workers’ rights to unionize. And Bezos’ indecent wealth should be taxed out of existence. (End of rant.)

Brave People

Important Books

Everything in this book is true and will surely offend some very powerful and dangerous people. In order to protect the innocent, some names and locations have been changed. (Author’s Note)


In the USA and in Europe, all the information about what is going on is in plain sight. And it makes no difference.

It is important to spot the people who want us to remain ignorant: the murderers of journalists and writers, the spreaders of desinformation. It is our duty as responsible citizens to let ourselves be informed by the people who are risking their lives (in Russia) or their jobs (in America) to tell us what is really going on.