Posted on July 5, 2019

What does it mean to really start paying attention, to slow down, to come to a halt, to willingly enter a place where there is nowhere further to go, to be at a spot where there is nothing to do?

All of this while still alive, mind you, full of vibrant energy, but aware that there is no need for a release.

My energies building, mounting, through the breath of life, just for the joy of it.

My breath as a connection to a fullness that unfolds forever, fully present, I am, living in eternity.

Thinking of the future does not reveal eternity for me, but being present here and now does, always, without fail. And I can always, at all times, return to this. This is my home.

So there is no need, absolutely no need, for proclamations about leading a march in any of the four directions. Nothing to do for me but stop, take deep breaths, and feel, and look around.

Perhaps there will be others who also respond to the invitation to stop and feel and look around. And then the most beautiful encounters become possible.

And I will know that I will meet with friends, for noone who surrenders to the peace that passes understanding can be my enemy.

And we can look at each other. You do not have to lead me, I do not have to lead you. There is no need for that, and we both know. So we can just sit or walk together and enjoy.

And if we walk together, in deep peace, every step we take will bless the earth, and every glance we cast will be most welcome. And if we smile at each other, our smiles will come from our hearts and reveal our joy in this most beautiful encounter.

And we realize that there is nothing to do, now, but be at peace in each other’s presence.

And while our eyes are locked in a mutual gaze, we can surrender to what unfolds between the two of us, and we can recognize that we are gazing at ourselves.

Thus we help each other to see oneness, and see that there is no limit to the peace and joy we can discover in our togetherness.

Just freshness and freedom and joy. I do not need you, you do not need me, for this eternity is always there for us.

There is nothing to ask for, nothing is lacking for us. Just a deep knowing that this is what we are here for.

And if there are still things we have to learn, presence will teach those things to us.

We do not have to touch or kiss. I mean, we could, for we are free, and perhaps we will, who knows, but perhaps also not. We can let what is right for us unfold.

We let presence guide us through what is happening now, for us, to taste the joy of being with what is, without any need to change anything about it, in any way.

We don’t have to move in any direction to be here. We have already arrived, and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, to achieve.

I take my leave from all my teachers now, but not to set up shop as a teacher myself.

For what should I teach, what is there to explain?

Just look for yourself, and everything is there for you to see, for yourself, by yourself.

You will see that there is nothing more precious than to come to a full stop, and recognize that this, your experience here and now, is where you are meant to be.

This gate is for you alone, and if it may appear to you that it is blocked by a fierce bouncer who looks like he might punch you in the face, then you should know that he is an illusion conjured up for your protection.

When it is time for you to wake up, and only then, you will see through the mirage and it will dissipate, a puff of smoke.

You were free all along, but it was not yet time for you. There is a time and place for everything, and it is time for you when you are ready, not before.

And when the time is just right for you and me, we can open our eyes and step together into the light of eternity.

Will trumpets sound? I doubt it, but who knows? Every awakening is different. It has to be, for presence loves to experience itself in different ways.

And your feeling, your open heart, your joy, your everything is particular to you. That’s why you are here, for fullness.

Without you, something would lack, something that is needed. You are meant to be here.

I am meant to be here.

I am writing this for joy.

There is peace in every word that is spoken from presence.