My Invitation to You

Posted on January 30, 2019

It is not a mistake that I am here. Nor is it a mistake that you are here, believe it or not. I may have been mistaken and confused, for a long time, about my purpose. Such mistakes do not matter. It is awareness of mistakes that matters. It is our mistakes that make us aware, gradually or suddenly, of what matters most to us. It matters what matters most to me. It important to me to find out what matters most to me, for what matters most to me is my life purpose. What also matters to me is finding out what matters most to you. I am deeply interested in what you consider as your life purpose. For that is a sweet thing to know about you.

If you are clear about your life purpose then we should definitely meet up, for then it will be my delight to find out more, as inspiration. If you are not clear about your life purpose, it may still be delightful to meet. So with this message I am reaching out to you, and it would be my delight if you answer this open invitation to meet. The remarkable thing is that the purpose of our meeting need not be clear beforehand. There are many things we do not need to know, and this is one of them. Why not meet just for the joy of it?

So this is an open invitation to you, and it would give me great joy if you accept this call. My hope is that our encounter can bring forth something beautiful that can only come into existence when the two of us meet. You are unique, I am unique, so what happens when we get together is bound to be unique as well. What this beautiful thing looks like, I cannot know on my own. So, clearly, I need you for this. Also, I have no way of knowing, on my own, which part of you and me our meeting will engage. This is something we can only decide together, and find out together. And that is how it has to be.

If this appeals to you, you will feel it, as a stirring deep within you. In that case, please contact me, so that we can connect and find out what the Universe has in store for us. You do not have to know beforehand what will come out of our meeting. You do not even have to know what you want out of our meeting. These things we can find out together. Maybe reading this is just a reminder for you that reaching out to someone - does not have to be me - is always possible. That is also wonderful. In that way, my message to you will also have served its purpose.

There is a vision behind what I am writing to you here, a vision that this planet can be a wonderful place of mutual inspiration, mutual support, and co-creation. In this beautiful vision, a planet where individual human beings like you and me meet each other, share parts of their worlds in order to inspire and get inspired, is still possible. This is not like it used to be, no. But that is also good news, for it means that you and I have a chance to make a difference.

And money need not be a basis of this. The purpose of our meeting is not for me to teach you something, in exchange for a fee, for I have nothing to teach. But I have a longing to discover what we can learn from each other when we meet. What I long for is a free exchange from heart to heart, so that we can discover how we can support and inspire each other. Maybe create something beautiful together, who knows?

I have a deep longing for a world to appear where people freely connect. I have a deep desire for my vision to become an inspiration for you, and for you in turn to make this vision an inspiration for others. And my wish is that it then can go on, endlessly, ripple after ripple of mutual support, mutual inspiration and co-creation. The possibilities for co-creation and mutual inspiration to create, and support, and heal, and repair, and mend are without end. And the process itself will give us limitless joy.

For this is something I know from my own experience. There is great joy in a meeting of minds and hearts where the only purpose is to share with each other what our worlds are like. If you reflect on it for a moment you can see that we are each living in our own world, and that the world you live in and the world I live in may be vastly different. To get a glimpse of what the world of someone else really looks like for them can be a real adventure. It can be a cause of wonder, delight, laughter, merriment, amazement. To be honest, it can also be a bit frightening at times. Above all, it gives us an occasion to recognize and validate each other. I can freely share with you what it is truly like to be me. And revealing to you what it is truly like to be me is revealing what it is truly like to be human. For I am sharing with you what it is like to be in my world, and to share that with you is my delight. If, in exchange, you share your world with me, then that will add to my delight.

The beautiful thing is that I can use you to explore and illuminate my own world, and you can use me to explore and illuminate yours. This can be any kind of process. It may be easy, it may be difficult. It may be lighthearted, it may be serious. There is no way of knowing in advance what the process will feel like, what it will reveal, or how it will end. In fact, it need never end. For although we, you and I, live in vastly different worlds, there is also a vast amount of stuff that we have in common. After all, what a coincidence that we are finding each other together here, together now, together at the same point in infinite time, together on this wonderful, beautiful, vulnerable blue planet, this tiny speck in the vastness of the living universe, at this crucial point in time where earth is going through a dramatic transition caused by our species, homo sapiens.

So in fact we are already very very close together. We, you and I, are both members of homo sapiens, this peculiar species, the only species that we know of that has reached the stage of self-consciousness. To be self-conscious means not only to be conscious of the fact that we are separate from our environment and interacting with it. It also means that we can look at ourselves as self-conscious beings. To be self-conscious is to be able to see ourselves and each other as self-conscious. Note the circle in the definition, and note that the definition nevertheless makes sense. We are sense making creatures, and we know it. And that sense making is also what self-consciousness is about.

I can see you as self-conscious, you can see me as self-conscious. I can see you have an image of me, you can see I have an image of you. And the trouble is that these images we carry inside us can be wildly off. And our common experience is that talking does not help much to get us back in sync. There is the old biblical story of the Tower of Babel. What helps, in my experience, is opening our hearts to each other, the conscious attempt to create a connection from the heart. I have experience with this, and I would love to share my experience.

You don’t have to embrace me for that. But, for heaven’s sake, touch and kiss someone, and let yourself be touched and kissed. It is very important for the healing of our souls that are craving for the joy of union that we open ourselves to connection. We are not separate, for ultimately all thought of separation is an illusion. But with our mind we cannot know this. Concepts all have insides and outsides. All concepts I have about you are ultimately off, they create separation. For if you are this then you cannot be that. Therefore, the deepest truth about our connection can only be known with the heart. Opening our hearts means opening ourselves to love.

For me this whole thing of opening up started with the intellect, by pondering in my mind the question Who am I? and finding out that all the answers I could think up had to be discarded. And the same holds of course for Who are you?. There are groups emerging, mushrooming everywere, with the purpose of collective self-inquiry, dwelling on the question Who are we?, Why are we together?, What is it that becomes possible now that we are here together? Every time we ponder these questions, it is possible to get a little deeper. That is the reason why our meeting can have deep significance.

So the next step is to start juggling with our self images, playfully share them, deeply question them, dynamically transform them, and thereby reshape the experience of sharing this planet as human beings that are finally grasping the full implications of our deep interconnections. And my invitation to you is to join and participate.