Relational Meditation Practice Evenings

Posted on May 20, 2018

Relational Meditation Practice Evenings are meant for experiencing and exploring the joys of being together in truth, in a shared space where we allow our hearts to open to each other.

When a group of people with open hearts are together in silence, the field of pure awareness opens up and becomes the common experience. Christians call this communion. The Greeks called it koinonia. In Sanskrit it is called satsang, association with eternal truth. Communion, or koinonia, or satsang, is what happens when pure hearted people come together to create a common space of truth, and are uplifted by the collective energy of brothers and sisters on the path of truth. Together, we can start weaving a web of magic for exploration of what becomes possible.

There are no fixed rules for this, but suggestions for possible structure or for a direction of exploration may be made. The spontaneous group energy may lead to unexpected results. It may also be that there is just silence. There is nothing that needs to happen. Many things become possible.

We may use elements of relational group practices such as Focussing, Mindfulness, We Dreaming, Circling, Authentic Relating, Heart Communion, Discursive Meditation. Spontaneous Poetic Expression is always welcome, as is anything that improves on the silence that we experience together.

No previouw acquaintance with relational meditation is necessary. All that is expected of the participants is a willingness to enter the group space with gentleness, curiosity and open hearts. This is not therapy, but opening up to and exploration of what becomes possible in the shared experience of togetherness in the Here and Now. If you are on psychiatric drugs or if you wish to get drunk or high, this is not for you. These are evenings for the sane, sound and sober.

The evenings are very loosely structured. There will be an opening ceremony and a closing ceremony, and a space in between where the reality of being together can unfold. Tea and light refreshments are available.

Joy arises from noble company
and pain arises from association with the wicked,
says Kabir,
go to a place where saints dwell
and their association is possible.