slaying the beast within

Posted on December 15, 2017

the ancient wizard sighs and knows he can no longer wait

rumor has reached him that the ugly animal of pride

does still roam freely in the lands that he considers his

this he cannot tolerate he knows this can no longer

be endured this villain this ugly fiend must die

it must be chased up hunted down and found it must

be killed undone to make sure that its mocking grin

will be gone at last and finally erased for good

yes he must hunt it now yes he must steel himself

be prepared to fight make himself ready for the kill

to beat and kick and with determination stamp all the life

out of the filthy horrid frightful thing

to make sure very very sure that it is completely dead

then skin it eat its innards drink its blood and consume

all that he can digest then light a fire and burn the rest

making sure very sure that nothing of it is left alive

then grind the ash to powder paint his ancient face

with the soot to mark his deed then wash it all off

so that nothing absolutely nothing remains

and then confront what he cannot destroy

each time the memory of his success and splendid victory

gives him the smug high feeling that he cannot suppress

and that revives the beast