I angered your subtle essence

Posted on May 29, 2017

I angered your subtle essence by attempts
to fit a formless being to false images.
The sin of definition taints the truth
that flows out as thirst-quenching water
of the living now.

Words that ring true can heal.
Your words have cured me and I sense
a willingness in me to drop
false images of self.

To enter through your gates I must unmount
the high horse of my pride, uncount
the careful steps I took to be
the lofty fortress of this stubborn me.

I answer to your plea to leave behind
the cruel blade of my razor mind
that hurts the subtle beating
of your sweet living heart.

Willful advice constricts, and limits the advisor.
Shouts of “Surrender” make you a defender,
blocking attempts of any foolish knight
with desire to pass the bridges of your gate.

I cannot storm and conquer you.
Precious treasure can only be given.
Any wish of mine for you to be
this and not that is to deny your essence.

A yearning now unfolds in me
to drop my wishes and just be
and let freshness unfold, feel the soft dew
of life-giving essence that I crave.

So just let me be and say these words,
show that I left my cutting sword behind
and hope that you once more have grace
to come and meet me in a true encounter.

All words are false, unless our feeling
breathes life in them.
So let these living words
carry my desire and wish
to be with you without condition.

May there be nothing to obscure the golden light,
illumination of the path that dawns on me:
deep yearning to become aware of what is possible
as the infinite space unfolds that mirrors who we are.

Now see me, standing at your gate,
with nothing left to hide.
How you unfold in me
I have no wish to guide.